Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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When it comes to ordering things online, it can be a struggle to figure out what size would be best for you. There is no universally accepted sizing standard and if you are like me, you have given up trying, not to mention that there is no consistency with some brand’s sizing. Have you ever ordered two pairs of pants in the same size and they are more like distant cousins than twin sisters? Because that has most definitely happened to me.

We have come to answer some of your fashion questions on what you should look for and how to dress for your body type. Save yourself the effort, time and money spent through trial and error and follow this guide to make the online and physical shopping experience so much more enjoyable.

Pear Shape Body Type

If you are wondering if you have a pear-shaped body type, then think to yourself or head for a mirror and see if your hips are wider than the width of your shoulders. Or if you tend to hold more muscle or weight in your thighs and hips, then you have a pear-shaped body, which essentially mimics the outline of a pear.

We would recommend these styles that complement your figure the best:

  1. Plunge, cowl necks, bell-sleeved and scoop neck tops.
  2. lined, princess-cut jackets but if they don’t work for you, boxy jackets will also look good on you! Cropped jackets will show off that slim waist.
  3. Flares and boot-cut jeans will make your hips pop and are extremely flattering; find a brand that considers girls with hips.
  4. Midi skirts, dresses and chunky belts look great on you, so have fun with them.

Hourglass Shape Body Type

I’m sure, as a woman, you have heard of the hourglass figure. You essentially have a tiny waist, thick thighs / or hips and a large cleavage. This is a well-sought-after body type by most women, including a lot of famous women such as Nicki Minaj. This makes dressing both an easy and a difficult job. For example, trying to find jeans that fit your hips but aren’t baggy on your waist tends to be a struggle but plus, bodycon dresses look great on you.

These are some of the styles we think would make your body type pop:

  1. Wrap tips, peplum blouses, tailored tops, v-necks and most tight-fitted tops.
  2. Try trench coats, fitted blazers, cropped jackets and bombers; you will look amazing!
  3. Milkmaid dresses, maxi dresses and bodycon dresses will always look fabulous.
  4. Low-rise jeans, flared trousers and mini skirts will complement your figure.

Athletic Shape Body Type

If, by chance, you don’t have many curves on top or bottom and a little waist, you most likely have an athletic body type. Don’t see this as a negative, as you can pull off so many looks that no one else can and a bikini set looks great on you. With every body type, there are specific pieces that you can pull off that others can’t. Thank you for the power and imagination of designers.

Here are some styles we would recommend:

  • Crop tops, halternecks, racerback stops and strapless everything.
  • You will get away with any and most types of jackets, but our favourites are bombers, fitted jackets, peacoats and flowy outwear that look fabulous on you.
  • Strapless dresses, cut-out dresses, mini peplum dresses and maxi dresses look great on your body type.
  • You can really pull off baggy jeans, skinny jeans and midi and mini skirts, so experiment with it. As you are slim, you could opt for either a high or low waist.

Apple Shape Body Type

Our apple-shaped ladies have shoulders a bit wider than your hips, fuller breasts and generally smaller and slimmer legs. Dressing for your body type can encourage you to look at yourself and think you’re tasty enough to take a bite.

We have found some perfect styles for you Apple girls:

  • Breezly a-line tops, flowy tunics, v-necks and button-ups look good on you.
  • You’ll thrive in gillets and jackets at the upper or upper thigh. Trench coats will always look fabulous or even a pancho if you want to mix things up.
  • Strapless dresses, maxi styles with low necklines and wrap dresses.
  • Flares or bootcut jeans will always distort your figure.