Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

A chandelier light is unlike any other type of lighting fixture in terms of beauty and elegance. Placed in the centre of your ceiling, a magnificent jhumar, also known as a chandelier, will act as the room’s focal point, unifying the area and radiating elegance even when not in use.

In your home’s living room, you can hang a jhumar that can be either single- or multi-tiered and come in any design. Here are a few gorgeous jhumar light designs that can beautify the look of your home.

1. Swanart Chandelier

This chandelier light deserves a spot on the list of the best chandeliers. The chandelier also functions as a contemporary ceiling lamp, given its LED source. The elegant glass and metal design gives off an opulent appearance that can add brightness to your residential and commercial spaces.

2. Crystal Modern Chandelier

The 8 LED lights in the crystal modern chandelier for the living room provide enough lighting for the space without the need to turn on any other lights. This light is the best at making your space look amazing.

3. Sputnik-style chandelier

Sputnik chandeliers are perfect for those who want their chandeliers to be the centre of attention while also having a specific theme. You can experiment with a variety of shapes, from pendants holding feminine flower-shaped glasses to pendants made entirely of brass. If you want sleek lights, choose LEDs; otherwise, choose glass bulbs to keep the opulent atmosphere. These are also excellent for rooms with low ceilings or small spaces.

4. Drum chandeliers

These lights hang from the ceiling and are shaped like drums. Its primary characteristic is that it separates into a multitude of bulbs. These fixtures can effectively light the entire space because they have multiple bulbs. Pick from various durable materials, such as metal, brass, or copper, and types of bulbs, including contemporary LEDs and crystal glass bulbs.

5. Antique Metal Black Linear Cluster Chandelier

This chandelier has rectangular black iron supports from which glass globe-shaped lights are hung. The hanging lights hang from various heights and can easily cast a warm, inviting glow in any corner. There are 10 glass globe-shaped lights in this chic and durable chandelier.

6. K9 Crystal Chandelier

This intricate raindrop chandelier, which features glass balls and K9 crystal beads for the most sparkling effect, is a great choice if you want to add a stylish decor item to your space. This elegant chandelier looks luxurious wherever it is installed in your house, whether it is in the dining room, living room, or bedroom. This chandelier’s crystal body reflects sunlight and other light sources even when off, giving it a charming appearance all day!

7. Decorative Vintage Chandelier

This diamond-shaped lamp can be used as a modern piece of home décor because it is strong, lightweight, and simple to mount. At the same time, it can illuminate any corner of your home. This intricately made pendant lamp in the shape of a diamond is strong, portable, and simple to install.

8. Hybrid chandeliers

This design shows a variety of different design fusions to produce a distinctive framework for your chandelier. For a modern light fixture, use a liner-lined metal or brass frame and hang LED lights below them. You can also add crystals to combine old and new styles. Use quirky lamp shades as the outer covers for the bulbs to add flavour to a bland space. In any colour, these will look fantastic in your dining room or bedroom.

Buying one of these chandeliers is the best investment you can make for your home’s decor if you love to have it at your place. Choosing the right chandelier for the living room creates a serene ambience and a chic appearance. Pick a stylish chandelier from the list above that fits the living room. You can even choose wooden wall decor online or from a nearby showroom to adorn your home wall.